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Who is Collegia for?

Collegia is the modern pension for everybody. We have a diverse set of thousands of customers: self-employed people, employees, side-hustlers - everyone. ​Our customers - both employed and self-employed - use Collegia as their central pension to not only pay into on top of their workplace pension, but also combine their old pensions over the years. As customers hop from job to job, they transfer their pots into Collegia, keeping it as their main source of pension truth - rather than having lots of pension pots scattered around! ​ This includes thousands of our self-employed customers who, if they become employed again, keep their Collegia pension open to transfer their new workplace pension into if and when they job-hop. Collegia is really for everyone. We want to make it as easy for the growing number of people who choose to work for themselves to save for the future, as it is for traditional employees.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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