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What happens if I have more than one job?

If you have more than one job, each of your employers will check whether you qualify to automatically join their workplace pension scheme. They will base their decision on the level of your earnings with that employer, rather than your overall earnings with other employers. If you qualify, this means you’re classed as an ‘eligible jobholder’. You’ll then be automatically enrolled into that employer’s workplace pension scheme. But you can then decide to opt out if you wish to do so. You can belong to more than one employer’s workplace pension scheme. You might not qualify to be automatically enrolled in a workplace pension scheme with one or more of your employers. This means you’re either a ‘non-eligible jobholder’ or an ‘entitled worker’. However, you can ask to join that employer’s workplace pension scheme and if you are a 'non-eligible worker', your employer must contribute. However, if you are an ‘entitled worker’, your employer does not have to contribute to your pension (although they might choose to do so anyway). You might be asked to pay contributions, based on your pay from that employment, to each of the schemes you join.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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